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Download Windows 7

October 24, 2009 2 comments

The Microsoft New Version of Windows, Windows 7 is now released in the market. This post is for those who wish to try Windows 7 before purchasing it for their home or office computer.

Windows 7 Enterprise version is available for download at microsoft technet website. This is a trial version of windows which will expire after 90 days.

The download is about 2.25GB.

I have downloaded it and have installed in on my personal computer. This new version of Windows installed just in 15 mins on my new computer. The interface is great and the speed is much faster than Vista. OneĀ important feature is that the start up and the shut down time of Windows 7 has considerably removed.

IĀ  am enjoying my free version of Windows 7. If you wish to download the Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, follow the link below:

Download Windows 7 Enterprise Version

Act soon this download might be available for few days