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Free Songs Download

October 25, 2009 2 comments

Downloading music from the internet  is illegal but the most searched term on the internet ( ok ok ok .. after that three letter word) is “free download songs”. Mp3’s are popular with the advent of the ipods and other music players and nobody is purchasing music nowdays.

Most of the people I meet online have a query about the website from where they can download the songs of the latest movies. So here, I am listing the websites from where people can download the latest music/movies, etc, etc. : This is one of the popular site for downloading the latest Bollywood music. The sound quality is good and you get the latest released music here.

Other websites for downloading music is where you can find  your music and download it. On, you can listen to  your favourite track and also download it, if the user has permitted to do so.

For english tracks, you can look at

Hope this post helps people on a lookout to download music from the internet.