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Orkut Invites

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Orkut has changed its looks and the new orkut looks cool with the whole of things rearranged. I have access to the new orkut and have got 10 invites.

New Orkut

New Orkut

Leave me a comment here, add me to your orkut profile and post me a scrap,  if you need Invites for the new orkut.

Important:  The invite can only be sent to the friends so you need to be my friends at orkut, for me to send the invite.  Now Hurry up, be quick with the requests.

Quick Update:  Official community where you will surely get an invite if you join it. Go get an invite


Scrambled Word / Crossword Puzzle Solver

August 27, 2009 2 comments

We have always struggle to find out the exact word from the scrambled word and the missing letters in the crossword puzzle. Sometimes we do it for our hobby, sometimes there is a quiz in the office and there are prizes to be won.

So here’s something which can help you(cheat) find original words out of scrambled words. You can also find out the missing letters for a crossword puzzle using this tool.

  1. The search on this tool must be all letters and  is limited to 25 letters.
  2. Crossword searches may contain one or more ? in locations where you need letters.
  3. The database of this tool contains approximately 380K words, including acronyms, male/female names and locations.

Click Here to Solve the Scrambled Words/Crossword Puzzles

[This post is dedicated to Mr. P.B (forced reader  &  commenter on my blog). He can now win all his office contests without sending  mails to the group.]

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