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April 24, 2007 Leave a comment

Last weekend, I watched the Movie ‘1971’ starring Manoj Bajpai and others. This movie is about the plight of Indian army personnel’s who have been taken by Pakistan as Prisoners of war (POW) in the 1971 India-Pakistan war that led to the liberation of Bangladesh.

There was an interesting conversation in the movie:

Soldier 1:”Yeh pakistan mae punjabi rehte hain?”
Soldier 2:”Haan rehte hain’

Soldier 1:”aur yeh sindi ?”
Soldier 2:”are haan woh bhi rehte hain”

Soldier 1:”aur sun na… yeh apne musalman bradar to hai hi na?”
Soldier 2:(irritated)”haan to kya hua?”

Soldier 1:”nahin yaar mae soch raha tha…. yeh sab to apne hindustan mae bhi rehte hain”
Soldier 2:(shouts) “haan rehte hain to…..?”

Soldier 1:”Abe to phir pakistan banaya hi kyon tha….”
Soldier 2:(getting angry)”Galti ho gayi ……..Agae se nahin banayenge”