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Anaarkali: The classiest Butter Chicken on earth : costing Rs. 6000/-

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ever heard of a butter chicken costing Rs. 6000 for a portion for two. Suprised, yes I was too,but it is for real. Mr I.B.Saxena and Ms. Padma Prasad have been selling their brand of Butter Chicken “Anaarkali” for this amount of money. They are currently delivering it in Hyderabad but plan to have their outlets open in Delhi and Mumbai soon.

Anaarkali Butter Chicken

Anaarkali Butter Chicken

So, what it so special in this exorbitantly charged butter chicken.  Well the makers say that the dish is prepared with the secret recipe that has been perfected for over 8 years using only the very best ingredients from India and the world over. If you are wondering what ingrediants would they put in this dish, they have listed that on their website. A closer examination and you would’nt find them too exotic. Godrej Real Good Chicken,Lurpark Unsalted Butter, Evian Natural Spring Water, Hunt’s Tomato Paste, Filippo Berio Olive Oil,Dabur Real Honey and TajMahal Saffron are few of the ingredients used in the preparation.

Now everyone who hears the price of this dish will have a query about how exactly the Anaarkali Butter Chicken ends up costing Rs6000/-?  To address all those queries, the the breakup cost of each component that goes into the Anaarkali Butter Chicken including the profit of the owners is listed on the website.  The Net margin on every portion sold is Rs 1,736.72.

The order for Anaarkali Butter Chicken can only be given online and it has to be given 24 hrs in advance. I would say that who would buy such an expensive chicken when we can get one for Rs. 200 in our neighbourhood shop but the website claims that they receive 10 order daily for this.

Finally, I wold say with this price tag, how so ever tasty it is, Anaarkali (Butter Chicken)  is out of reach of majority of people and only Shahzada Saleem could afford to get it for himself (Akbar would be really pissed off this time also).

Any comments ?

  1. PB
    November 3, 2009 at 7:34 am

    itne mein too poultry farm khull jayega !!!

    Anywyas, any recommendations for Veggies 😦

  2. Rajan
    November 5, 2009 at 4:32 am

    You will get all variety of people. People bying a full plate at Rs 10, and buying a missi roti at Rs 10 and bying a normal 2 peice platter at five star bar costing Rs 1200.

    India is a great country and has space for everything and everyone.

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